A Look at 2023: Successes and Challenges of the Python Community Panama

José Arnulfo R. H.
3 min readMar 19, 2024


In this post, we’ll explore the achievements, challenges, and exciting events that marked the year 2023 for the entire Python community in Panama. From significant milestones to moments of learning and growth, get ready to dive into an exciting journey through 2023!

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Resilient Community

The year 2023 was a period of notable achievements and challenges for the Python Community Panama. As we faced the ongoing evolution of the local and global technological landscape, along with the challenges presented post-COVID-19 pandemic, the community demonstrated exceptional resilience in adapting and thriving in a changing environment.

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Growth and Participation

One of the highlights of the year was the impressive growth and participation we experienced. From increased followers on our social media platforms to record attendance at our events, the Python Community Panama attracted a wide range of Python enthusiasts, from beginners to experienced professionals. This growth not only reflects the growing interest in Python in Panama but also the value that our community brings to its members.

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Milestones and Achievements

The year 2023 was filled with significant milestones: We successfully organized various events and activities, including our first conference, PyConnect Panama, which brought together experts and Python enthusiasts from across the country, with international friends participating as speakers from all over Latin America through virtual and in-person means.

We also offered basic Python and data analysis courses, providing our members with unique opportunities to improve their skills and explore new areas of interest.

Python Basic
Análisis de Datos

Challenges and Opportunities

Despite our successes, we also faced unique challenges, such as adapting to a virtual environment and managing community growth. These challenges also provided us with opportunities to learn and grow together, strengthening the community and preparing us for future challenges.

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Looking Towards the Future

With ambitious goals in mind, we’re excited about the future of the Python Community Panama. We will continue to promote Python in Panama, collaborate with other communities and businesses, and create exciting open-source projects. With each new challenge and opportunity, we are ready to face them together and continue advancing on our journey towards excellence in Python.

Thank You for Joining Us Through 2023!

Stay tuned for future updates and events from the Python Community Panama.

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