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  • Javier Feliu

    Javier Feliu

  • The Party Scientist

    The Party Scientist

    Professor of Party Science | Spreading community medicine by applying the science of well-being, community-building, and experience design. Learn with me.

  • Adriaan Beiertz Diaz

    Adriaan Beiertz Diaz

  • Chris C Williams

    Chris C Williams

  • Chris I.

    Chris I.

    Full Stack Dev. Data Scientist. Ruby, Python, React, AWS. Toronto. chris.i.the.data.guy “at” gmail.com

  • Matthew Stewart, PhD Researcher

    Matthew Stewart, PhD Researcher

    Environmental/Data Science Ph.D. Candidate at Harvard University | Machine learning consultant at Critical Future | Blogger at TDS. https://mpstewart.net

  • Héctor Canales

    Héctor Canales

    Programador | Fotógrafo | Amanté de la Cocina | Joven FIHNEC

  • Roman Orac

    Roman Orac

    Senior Data Scientist, tweeting twitter.com/romanorac.

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